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conveyor return roller guards in turkey

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safe-guard® return idler guard | complete conveyor

The Safe-Guard Return Idler Guard is designed to restrict ® contact with the return idler while the conveyor is running. The durable UHMW slotted cage helps prevent material buildup and is easy to clean out. MSHA Complies with MSHA Title 30 mechanical equipment guards. MSHA accepted# IC-174/3; 56.14110 (Flying or Falling Material)

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return roller guard - martin eng

Return Roller Guard The Martin ® Return Roller Guard features quick release pins which allow access to the grease fittings within the return roller without the need to remove the guard. Has openings large enough for fines to fall through, but small enough to prohibit access to moving parts when the conveyor is

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return roll guards | conveyor guarding | superior industries

Return Roll Guards are one of those solutions. In every industry that the U.S. Department of Labor’s Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) regulates, hazardous access to moving parts is one of the most frequently cited standards. In 2019, “moving machine parts” accounted for more than 3,000 MSHA citations costing conveyor owners

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safe-guard® return idler cage | complete conveyor

Safe-Guard ® Return Idler Cage. The Safe-Guard ® Return Idler Cage was designed to catch the return roller applications from falling, preventing injuries to workers and to equipment. The Safe-Guard ® Return Idler Cage is a cost effective, long lasting solution to your conveyor guarding needs

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return roller basket - martin eng

Return Roller Basket. The Martin ® Return Roller Basket is designed to guard the return roller to improve plant safety and productivity. An economical way to improve safety and meet the growing demands of government regulations. Solid steel construction covers all major return roller manufacturers

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conveyor roll guards | applied

HDRG54A. Return Roll Guard. Item #101583797. Return Roll Guard. 4 1/2 in Drop. Heavy-Duty. 54 in Belt Width. 60 1/2 in Shield Length. My Applied Catalog

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hse - quarries - guarding

Example of a plate guard on a return roller where there is a nip point on the return belt . Fixed guards have no moving parts and are fastened in a constant position relative to the danger zone. They will need tools to undo the fasteners and remove them. Typical use is on a conveyor head or tail drum

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us6318545b1 - conveyor belt return roller guard - google

The guard attachment brackets are adapted to utilize the existing attachment point hardware of the exposed return roller to facilitate guard installation on an existing conveyor system. The attachment brackets provide adjustment of the guard relative the return roller. The guard permits visual inspection to detect accumulation of debris between the guard and return roller

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conveyor guarding | elrus parts

Return Roller Guarding c/w Hardware. Easily mounts to drop brackets; Can be modified to fit other brand rollers; Same guard fits 4” – 6” rollers and 1-1/2” or 4-1/2” brackets; PART# DESCRIPTION. 5300609 Return Roll Guard 30” 5300608 Return Roll Guard 36” 5300610 Return Roll Guard 42” 5300611 Return Roll Guard 48” 5300612

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return emri - conveyor guards, skirts, idlers, dust covers

The return EMRI design comprises of a main frame, a roller trolley frame and a belt lifting device. The belt lifting device remains dormant below the return belt whilst the conveyor is operational. One man can mobilise the belt lifting mechanism by using a tool to lever the belt lifter upwards to engage with the belt and lift the belt off the

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k-protector® return idler guard | conveyor safety | kinder

Conveyor safety guarding is a vital piece of equipment on all installations where it is possible to be classed as a hazard. Conveyor safety guards do not have to be complicated nor interfere with productivity. Kinder Australia’s K-Protector® Return Idler Guard is a practical and safe solution to provide roller nip point protection

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return roller guard - applied conveyors & polymers | lead

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS FOR FLEXI GUARD RETURN ROLLER GUARD. The function of the Flexi Guard Return Roller Guard is to provide pinch point protection on conveyor return rollers. If the unit is installed correctly the guard meets the Australian Standard AS 1755. Modifying the unit in any way may render the unit unsafe and not fit for service

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belt conveyor guarding | return idler baskets

Benefits of Return Idler Baskets: EASY TO INSTALL. Snaps on easily with beam-clamp assembly. No welding or cutting required. EASY TO MAINTAIN. Large openings eliminate build-up. As a result, there is less dirt within the guard. BUILT TO LAST. Heavy-duty steel construction

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return idler baskets - rigid mount - belt conveyor guarding

Rigid Mount Return Idler Baskets eliminate vibrations on chains and serves to catch broken or shattered idlers. Large openings eliminate build-up. Light Weight Design: All guards weigh less than 25 LB. Thus, only one worker will be able to install or remove the guard

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contact us | asgco | complete conveyor solutions | asgco

ASGCO’s® service team is focused on finding the best solution to any transfer point problem or challenge. We have service branches in Allentown, PA, Marriotsville, PA, Salt Lake City, Utah, Harper West Virginia, and Rockville Virginia. Contact our conveyor company today!

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conveyor belt return roller guard - ross, ii paul douglas

Jul 25, 2000 · A guard adapted for enclosing an exposed return roller in a conveyor belt system. The guard attachment brackets are adapted to utilize the existing attachment point hardware of the exposed return roller to facilitate guard installation on an existing conveyor system

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safety solutions for conveyor applications – bulk solids today

The Martin ® Return Roller Basket is designed to prevent a return roller from falling in the event of a mechanical failure, recommended for rollers that are more than 7 feet (2.13 meters) off the ground and out of reach for any workers. The combination of guards and baskets provides a systematic approach to conveyor guarding that’s easy to

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martin engineering: innovative conveyor technologies

Jan 19, 2017 · The Martin® Return Roller Guard. As part of the booth’s focus on conveyor safety, the Martin ® Return Roller Guard is engineered to prevent a worker from being drawn into a return roller, an economical way to improve safety awareness and reduce worker injuries. The guards are designed to be installed on return rollers that are less than 7

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